1.       BIDDING - Bid by lot number as printed in catalog or online. All bids are handled competitively, and all lots are sold at one bid increment over the next highest bid. If submitting by mail, fax, or phone, your full bid will not be used unless competition makes it necessary. The placing of a bid will constitute acceptance of the conditions of sale.  The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and in the event of a dispute, the auctioneer's decision will be final.  The auctioneer shall not be liable for errors and omissions in executing instructions to bid.  The auctioneer shall not be liable for floor bids that are unintentionally missed or obscure.  In the event of a tie bid, the earliest non-internet bid will be chosen as the winner of the lot.  This is due to programming restrictions using online software.

2.       CREDIT - Successful bidders, unless prior arrangements have been made with Sterling Stamps, are expected to make payment in full before the lots are shipped/delivered.  Payment may be made by check, money order (US banks only), Visa, Master Card, PayPal or cash.  Do not send cash through the mail. All lots must be paid for within seven (7) days of receipt.  All lots remain the property of Sterling Stamps until paid for in full and must not be sold to pay for your invoice without our permission. All lots must be returned intact to Sterling Stamps upon request if your account becomes delinquent. Interest on delinquent accounts will be assessed after thirty (30) days from invoice date. A 3% late charge per month will be added to all accounts that exceed thirty (30) days past due. Any checks returned for insufficient funds will necessitate charging the buyer a fee of no less than $30.

3.       BUYER'S PREMIUM - A buyer's premium of 15% will be added to the hammer price for all lots purchased on the floor on auction day.

4.       POSTAGE AND INSURANCE - Handling, insurance and posting charges will be added to invoices for material that is shipped with a minimum charge of $5. Michigan residents will have a sales tax of 6% added to their invoice as well unless exempt status with documentation has been provided prior to sale. All orders will be shipping with some method of tracking.

5.       RETURNS - Any lot which is incorrectly described may be returned within ten (10) days of receipt and must be returned in the same condition as was originally sent. The exception is for lots containing more than ten (10) stamps, lots described as large lots or “AS IS” lots - these are not returnable for any reason. We must receive notification in writing within fourteen (14) days of the date of the sale if you are planning to have a stamp expertized. Only lots containing single catalog numbers are eligible for expertizing. Acceptable authorities for expertizing purposes are the Philatelic Foundation, American Philatelic Society, William T. Crowe, and the Professional Stamp Experts, Inc. Others may be used but we must be notified of who they are before an item is sent. This is especially true of overseas expert opinions. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the buyer unless the opinion states that the items do not match the description given in our catalog, in which case we will pay the actual cost of the opinion or up to $50. We will not accept returns for any reason after six (6) months has passed from the sale date. Any lot which has a certificate issued within the last five (5) years is sold in accordance with the certificate. It is not returnable for any reason, including an opinion obtained in a new certificate after the sale.

6.       SHIPPING OF LOTS - Shipping costs will be included on your invoice and we will be shipping the items directly to you. Every attempt will be made to arrange for shipping with some form of tracking at the least amount of expense to you as possible. Any bidder wishing to pick up their winning lots should inform Sterling Stamps in advance of the auction.  International shipments are sent registered mail or Global Priority Mail (USPS). Other shipping methods must be discussed with Sterling Stamps before placing a bid.



Bids                                                        Increase

up to $50.00                                            $2.00

$50.00 to $100.00                                   $5.00

$100.00 to $300.00                                 $10.00

$300.00 to $750.00                                 $25.00

$750.00 to $1500.00                               $50.00

$1500.00 to $3000.00                             $100.00

Over $3000.00                                        $250.00