Mark Vervaeke, after creating Sterling Stamps in 1991, decided in 2015 to create an auction company with Bob Gustin when many of their customers showed a desire for another Midwest auction company. But this company needed to be different. It needed to be attentive to their consignors and their wishes to run their material the way they wanted, agree on start bids, and with a lower commission. At the end of 2019, Bob left the company to attend to family needs, but Mark continues on.

We still have paper catalogs, accept email, phone, and mail bids. We now offer real time live-internet bidding at this time. You must be registered in order to pre-bid or live bid in our auction.

Tell us what you want to see in our auctions. If you'd like to see your material in our auction, send us a note.

We thank you for all your past business at shows, on the internet, and past auctions. We continue to strive to be your stamp source and hope that our auction can fill some additional voids in your collection!